Katie The Registered Fashion Nurse

Vist our campy but informative site that shows Katie, the registered fashion nurse, saving people from clothes fashion emergencies.  The emergencies include wrinkled pants, wrinkled shirts, staticy dresses, staticy hair, and staticy pet hair on a sweater.  'So, when your fashion woes go from bad to worse, call Katie, the registered fashion nurse!  Katie knows Magic can save the day…one for static…one for wrinkles…you just spray ‘em away!'


Agelong offers “old-time” brands that are proven to withstand the test of time.

Garden Weasel

Few products have captured the imagination of gardeners, and gift-givers more than the Garden Weasel.

Steel Glo

The finest stainless steel and copper cleaner for gourmet cookware.

Trapp Private Gardens

The success of the Trapp brand is built on a simple, clear premise: wonderful fragrance experiences will create a lasting impression.

Faultless Inventors

Submit your patented invention, or new product, for consideration for a division of Faultless to market in the retail world.  Includes necessary legal forms.  Maybe you have the next Garden Weasel!                   

Grocery Manufacturers Association

GMA represents the world's leading branded food, beverage and consumer products companies. GMA member companies employ more than 2.5 million workers in all 50 states and account for more than $680 billion in annual sales.