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  • Ironing with Faultless Starch

    Faultless Starch

    Faultless Premium Starch Faultless Heavy Starch Faultless Heavy Starch - Lemon Fresh Scent Faultless Heavy Starch - Fresh Lavander Scent

    Look your best! With Faultless Starch, shirts and blouses come out sharp and crisp.

  • Kitchen

    Bon Ami

    Bon Ami Powder Cleanser 14oz and 21oz Bon Ami Powder Cleanser Original 1886 Formula

    America's Original Natural
    Home Cleaner™

  • Magic Wrinkle Remover and Static Remover

    Magic Static & Wrinkle Remover

    Magic Static Remover Magic Wrinkle Remover

    Keeps fabrics static-free all day! The fast drying formula is perfect for those "Fashion Emergencies".

  • Kleen King Stainless Steel and Copper

    Kleen King

    Kleen King Stainless Steel and Copper Cleaner Kleen King Stainless Steel and Copper Cleaner Fresh Lemon Scent Kleen King Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener

    Cleans and brightens stainless steel, copper and chrome. Nontoxic, anti-tarnish formula.

  • Seeds of Change Scented Candles featuring Trapp Fragrances

    Seeds of Change

    Seeds of Change Seasalt

    Seeds of Change Scented Candles featuring Trapp Fragrances. We started with a seed and grew the finest scented candles ever made!

  • Faultless Laundry

    Commercial Laundry Products

    Faultless Laundry and Commercial Products Group

    You trust Faultless® at home - Did you know we also keep Commercial Laundry Clean and Fresh? Ask for it at your local Cleaners!

  • Hot Iron Cleaners Hot Iron Cleaner

    Hot Pipes & Hot Iron Cleaner

    Kleen King Hot Pipes Cleaner Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner

    Ride like a king! Keeps chrome show-room clean and bright. Removes tar, boot marks, oil, bugs, melted-on litter, and more.

    Family Owned Since 1887

    What's New

    Magic® Static Remover

    Magic Static Remover keeps fabrics static-free all day! Magic Static Remover can be used on clothing, hair flyaways, home furnishings, and is fantastic at removing stubborn pet hair. The fast drying formula is perfect for those "Fashion Emergencies."

    Magic Static Remover works on pet hair too Pet hair on your sweater?
    Magic works on that too! See it in action!


    Featured Product - The Original Garden Weasel

    The Original Garden Weasel

    Featuring the Original Garden Weasel! The 5-way cultivating tool that became a household name is now better than ever!

    The Garden Weasel® brand name has stood for quality garden tools and expertise for over 30 years. Even today, we continue to improve on and expand our line of tools to make them better. (learn more)

    Faultless Flix

    TV Commercials and Other Fun Stuff!

    Watch TV commercials from the 1960's, to today, for Faultless, Magic, Bon Ami, Kleen King, Hot Iron Cleaner, and other products on our faultlessstarch youtube.com channel. Includes instructional how-to iron videos and Spanish language videos.

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      We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the generations of people who have used Faultless Starch and Bon Ami products to care for the things they cherish in their homes.

      - Gordon T. Beaham, III, Chairman - Celebrating Our 125th Anniversary

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