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We have begun using “ironing spray” instead of “spray starch” to help make the purpose of our products clearer for those new to ironing or using ironing enhancers. While the name has changed, the professional results you’ve always relied on haven’t.

We’ve been helping your clothes look and stay sharp for over a century. And during that time, we’ve made a few changes to freshen up our own look as well. We’ve developed a quick guide to understanding how the packaging of your favorite Faultless, Niagara and Magic products has evolved.

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Faultless Brands has owned the Magic brand for many years, and acquired the Niagara brand several years ago. We are proud to now have the Faultless name indicating our level of quality on all fabric care packaging.

Here is a usage video.

Read the package directions and your iron’s manufacturer’s guide carefully. This product is designed to clean hot surfaces and should never be used on cold surfaces.

Iron Cleaner works best on uncoated metal surfaces. This product uses abrasion to clean and therefore should only be used on specially-treated surfaces. We recommend following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for your specific iron.

Our iron cleaner has been used and tested on many coated surfaces without issue, but not all coated surfaces are of the same quality. Please always follow your iron manufacturer’s guidelines. We recommend testing the product on a small area of treating entire iron surface.

The product you need will depend on the stiffness desired and the fabric you are ironing.

Heavy/Original Starch sprays are great for cottons, linens, shirts and jeans.

Faultless Premium Flexible Finish+, Faultless Premium Firm Finish+ or Magic Light Hold (Sizing) can be used on ALL fabric, but is often a better choice for dark fabrics, synthetic fabrics or synthetic blends. These products are more easily absorbed by synthetic fibers.

For more on the difference between starch and sizing, see the next FAQ.

The main difference between starch and sizing is the chemical characteristics of the ingredients.

Generally, spray starches are formulated with natural corn starch, with the Heavy variety containing the greatest percentage of this ingredient. Faultless and Niagara starches provide the crisp body and professional stiffness associated with a regular to heavy starch.

Sizings are intended to allow a treated garment to feel more like it did when new, and less like a starched item (light body, little to no stiffness). For instance, our Magic Light Hold (Sizing) does not contain corn starch. For this reason, the surface texture of the treated garment will be a bit smoother, or less “starchy” when using sizing. Because of the unique ingredients, the iron will glide over fabrics a little bit better with sizing formulas.

Check out the general instructions for using spray starch or sizing here.
We also have a terrific step-by-step ironing video.

Yes! Any of our ironing sprays may be used with OR without steam.

If garments are pressed and treated with one of our ironing sprays, you’ll not only look fresh and professional all day, but the light coating formed on the surface of the fabric’s fibers will help shield the garment from stains like dirt or sweat.

Read more or watch a 2 minute video here

Our fabric care products may be used on all colorfast, washable fabrics. None of our products should be used on fabrics labeled ‘Dry Clean Only.’

Our ironing sprays are water soluble and will be removed by regular laundering.

These small white bits are probably flakes of starch. Some factors may prevent Original/Heavy Starch from properly penetrating some fabrics, resulting in white surface residue. Here are some tips to help:

  1. An iron with a damaged or dirty soleplate may cause the starch to stick to it. Those deposits may in turn rub off on the garment being ironed. Also, detergent residue remaining on freshly laundered garments may contribute to excessive flaking and iron coating. Be sure to use a clean iron, and thoroughly rinse all soap residues from fabrics before ironing. You can clean your iron with Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner.
  2. Use the recommended iron setting, and consider replacing any iron that seems to be getting too hot. An iron that gets too hot can cause fabric to stick to the iron soleplate.
  3. Take care to not saturate a fabric with too much spray starch. Spray lightly and evenly, allowing the ironing spray 15-20 seconds to penetrate the fabric, or else any excess may stick to the iron and burn to the sole plate. For a stiffer finish, two light applications are better than a single heavy one.
  4. Using a thick, cotton ironing board cover will also encourage absorption of the ironing spray for the best results.
  5. We also encourage you to try our Faultless Premium Ironing Sprays, which are formulated with patented “Fibrenhancer” technology in place of the natural starches. This makes these professional grade sprays especially suited for dark colors or synthetic fabrics with absolutely NO flaking, sticking, or clogging.

While our formulas are made to avoid clogging, some starch might accumulate inside the nozzle if it’s not rinsed after each use. To clear a clog, simply remove the spray can button and soak it in hot, soapy water. To prevent clogging, it’s important to rinse the button with warm water each time you finish ironing. Some spray starch users keep buttons from empty cans handy in the event they experience a stubborn clog.

If the stem at the top of the can is damaged, the product cannot be salvaged. We do encourage users to iron next to a countertop or table and set the can there, rather than setting the can on the ironing board—which can be wobbly. Also, be sure to put the cap back on the can after you’ve finished.

Our Faultless® Hot Iron Cleaner quickly removes starch, fusibles, melted plastic and synthetic fabrics from an iron’s soleplate. It’s a topical product for use on a HOT iron and is safe and effective on most soleplates. Be sure to follow your iron manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions.

Our Magic Wrinkle Releaser freshens fabrics and removes wrinkles without ironing. It is available at several retailers or you can purchase directly online at

Faultless ReWear Dry Wash Spray quickly revives your favorite shirts, pants, jeans, jackets and more by removing wrinkles and eliminating odors without laundry hassles. You’ll feel clean, refreshed and ready to do more of what you really enjoy. It is available at several retailers or you can purchase directly online at

Magic Wrinkle Releaser may be used on all colorfast, washable fabrics. It should not be used on “Dry Clean Only” silk, linen or rayon.

Faultless Magic Static Remover may be used on all colorfast rugs, carpets, clothing or other fabrics. Before using on a delicate fabric, spot testing on a hidden area is recommended.

These products have a locking valve (there is a small graphic molded onto the button to illustrate). Simply twist the button counter-clockwise to unlock and activate the spray. The plastic ‘ring’ below the button remains stationary while the button rotates. You do not need to remove any portion of the valve or packaging.

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We do not currently offer a travel size ironing spray.

Both have been discontinued.

The final decision rests with the TSA if an item is allowed on an aircraft. More information of what is allowable can be found here.

Please visit our product page. If you click on a product, the next screen will have more information including “Ingredients” you can click on to see the list.

All of our ironing sprays are non-toxic. They are also not eye, skin or respiratory irritants.

All of our ironing sprays are scented. When starch is heated by coming into contact with the iron, it has a bit of an earthy scent, so we chose to add a fragrance that is more pleasant.

Faultless Heavy Hold Spray Starch is lightly fragranced. Other varieties are more heavily scented.

All of our fabric care sprays and Iron Cleaner may be discarded alongside normal household waste.

Both the steel [aerosol] and plastic [non-aerosol] containers are recyclable. For a complete list of acceptable materials, please contact your local recycling facility.

All of our ironing sprays and Iron Cleaner yield optimum results if used within 5 years of the ‘made on’ date.

The stamp on the bottom of each can indicates the date of manufacture. You’ll see a series of seven numbers, with the first two numbers indicating the year the container was made.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid freezing temperatures or temperatures over 120 degrees F.

Please visit our SDS library at

For long term storage of a treated garment, we recommend any of our ironing sprays that do NOT contain natural corn starch. Faultless Premium Flexible Finish+, Faultless Premium Firm Finish+ and Magic Light Hold (Sizing) do NOT contain corn starch.

Faultess, Niagara, Magic fabric care and Iron Cleaner products are made in the United States.

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