Magic Static Remover

Magic® STATIC Remover

Keeps fabrics static-free all day. It is safe for colorfast fabrics and has a great fresh scent unlike the alcohol-heavy competitors. Magic Static Remover can be used on clothing, hair flyaways, home furnishings, and is fantastic at removing stubborn pet hair. The fast drying formula is perfect for those “Fashion Emergencies.” 

Visit the Magic® Videos page to see Katie the Fashion Nurse in action.

Take it from Katie…nothing works faster, or better, on your WORST on-the-go fashion emergencies than Magic® Static Remover. A few spritzes of Magic Static Remover to your dress or slacks will take the sting out of embarrassing static cling!  It’s formulated to dry quickly too!  It’s so easy. Magic Static Remover handles static hair emergencies too.  Just spray it right on a hair brush…and hello gorgeous! If fluffy slept on your sweater, Magic Static Remover works wonders for “hairy situations.”  Just spray Magic Static Remover right on the fur.  The formula actually defuses the static that causes it to cling…a few sprays and you can simply brush it away.  Comes in a convenient travel size too!  With Magic Static Remover, you can administer Fashion First Aid™ anywhere, anytime…no matter what the fashion emergency.



  • Propane
  • Fragrance
  • Butane
  • Morpholine
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Ethanol
  • Imidazole Quat
  • De-ionized Water